Greetings from JCI Singapore! Thank you for your interest in the JCI TEN OUTSTANDING YOUNG PERSONS OF SINGAPORE (TOYP) AWARD. We are pleased to announce that the nomination for this prestigious award is now open! Download the form here.

Every year, JCI selects ten outstanding young individuals under the age of forty over a hundred countries who pursue excellence in various fields, impacting lives in extraordinary ways. The accomplishments of these young active citizens in ten categories are highlighted to inspire us to be better and to realise our full potential as active citizens. JCI Singapore is now in search of the ten most outstanding young Singaporeans who will represent Singapore for the world award.

Singapore Honourees will be selected from the following broad categories:

1. Business, Economic, and/or Entrepreneurial Accomplishment
2. Political, Legal, and/or Governmental affairs
3. Academic Leadership and/or Accomplishment
4. Cultural Achievement
5. Moral and/or Environmental Leadership
6. Contribution to Children, World Peace, and/or Human Rights
7. Humanitarian and/or Voluntary Leadership
8. Scientific and/or Technological Development
9. Personal Improvement and/or Accomplishment
10. Medical Innovation

Nominees must be under 40 years old, and must have notable achievements that benefited the community, nation or the world. Through their actions and accomplishments, nominees will have inspired others to take on their values, missions and beliefs, creating a positive snowball effect that benefits the people around them.

The TOYP award has been given out worldwide annually since 1983, and past winners include John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Benigno Aquino and many other luminaries. To qualify for the world award, ten outstanding young individuals will be selected from each country.

This year, the JCI TOYP Awards Banquet and Youth Forum will be held at Resorts World Sentosa on 12 August 2018, with an expected crowd of over 300 guests from the region. The TOYP Book, which will be featuring current and past Singapore Honorees of the prestigious TOYP Award, will be launched and distributed to major bookstores by MarketAsia.

Do you know of a person whose achievements have significantly impacted lives in the community, nation or the world? Is there anyone whom you think can do even greater good if they were to receive the recognition and exposure they deserve? If you do know of such an inspirational individual, here is where you can do your part. Take a few short minutes to fill in the nomination form below, and nominate this deserving person for the TOYP award. We will then contact your nominee to submit the official nomination form.

* Please note that we will not be held responsible should your nominee be uncontactable.